Monday, November 24, 2008

Micro-Finance, Inspirational-Change.

One of BCDSA’s current projects is microfinance for women. They provide small loans at low interest for women to start businesses (selling fruits/vegetables, selling fried food on the street, sewing). The majority of their clients are widows or women living with HIV/AIDS. The project is new, but has already proven to be very successful. Their first loan cycle just finished, with 17 of 17 women completely paying back their loans. This allows BCDSA to turn around and offer those funds as loans to a new group of women. I had the honor of participating in both ceremonies – the first loan-completion ceremony and the resulting loan-granting ceremony, and was inspired by the real, tangible difference this program is making in the lives of these women and their families.

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mery said...

Molly. I don't know why, I read your posts and my eyes were suddenly filled with tears, I feel so stupid!! You already know how great I think it is what you and Eric are doing. And you alredy know how much I want to be able to do it sometime. It's incredible because as little as it may look you are actually doing something, you are focusing your energies towars helping someone else to live a dignified life...I think that's is ...I have no words! I miss u a lot!!!!!!!!! Take care, both of you.
Mery (from Buenos Aires)