Friday, November 14, 2008

Holy Cats!

...and zebras and wilderbeast and giraffes and elephants and hippos. All in all, we saw 24 different animals in 24 hours, not to mention some of the most amazing land & sky I have ever seen. Joey and Jenny (SAIDIA Tanzania) took Eric and I on an overnight camping safari in the Serengiti. It was an experience that I never dreamed I’d have in my lifetime. I spent all 24 hours (well, almost), with my face to the window, my jaw dropped at the beauty all around me. It was absolutely incredible.

PS. Do you have your “Safari eyes” on? Did you spot the lion through our windshield? WOW.


Rachel H. said...

I am so envious of you! I'm glad you're having a fantastic time.
love and miss you, rachel

Betsy Grace Matheson Symanietz said...

How beautiful!! I LOVE LOVE these photos - and that you were out there in the big world - with all these creatures. Holy cow! (or, giraffe!)