Wednesday, November 5, 2008 (Reprise).

The definite highlight of these months in Buenos Aires has been the opportunity I’ve had to volunteer at There are so many things that I’ve loved about the experience – the people that I’ve worked with, the projects I’ve worked on, the many things that I’ve learned. But, perhaps the thing that has made the greatest impression on me during my time as an volunteer has been the goodness that I witnessed in countless people that I’ve never met. – and its counterparts and – connect hundreds of thousands of individuals that truly want to do something good in the world with organizations that need their help. It’s an idea that truly works ... and it’s amazing. I found great inspiration and hope in the opportunity to witness these connections, and I believe in the good that is becoming in our world as a result.

Towards the end of my volunteer experience at, they started a blog for their volunteers. If you’d like to learn a bit more about my experience, I’d invite you to visit Scroll down, you’ll find me there!

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