Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bouncing Off Marbled Walls.

As I walk, I can feel the city under and around me. As its buses roar and horns honk and people chatter and grandeur towers and bells ring and fountains burst and dancers tango and flowers sell and sun-streams peek and protesters march and news waits and cafe con leches steam and medialunas rise and park benches fill and couples kiss and cigarettes light and mates sip and pigeons flock and homeless sleep and gardens bloom and boats port and statues keep watch over it all.

I can feel this lovely city under and around me,
as its complex history bounces of its marbled walls.
and its people stand on concrete corners learning again and again who it is that they are.


Betsy Grace Matheson Symanietz said...

I love you so much.

Farolera said...

I can see why Betsy loves you :) Great writing, Molly! And that's what great experiences are made of...